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Hand held massager by Baldoni

Love it. The whole family uses it. My son plays baseball and husband coaches and they are constantly using the massager. Thumbs Up

Great for Hockey!

I purchased the Percussive Massager for my family and I. My son who plays on a travel hockey has took possession of the massager because he feels instant relief after a long weekend and feels he comes back quicker during the week for training. I would recommend it for any high school aged student who gives it their all on the court, field or rink!

Great on sore muscles!

Levels 1-2 works well on upper extremity while 3-5 on the legs and buttocks. Level 6 tends to stop abruptly but can be restarted again. The battery lasts a long time.

Howard Cooper

I'm in with Eliot Tabron and Larry Jones. Larry, my Trainer an Strenght Coach, introduced percussion message to me. I could not buy it fast enough! Eliot is my Golf Pro Instructor. He broke the Internet Sound Barrier ordering his! Yeah, we HAPPY!


A wonderful product. My trainer showed me how to use it.

  • Powerful high torque motor with Quiet Glide technology
  • Rechargeable 24V lithium-ion battery with 3 hours of use per charge
  • 6 speed options and wide therapeutic frequency capacity ranging from 20 - 53 pulses a second
  • Cordless and lightweight design
  • Includes percussive massage device, 4 applicators, charging cable, and carrying case
  • FDA registered technology

Percussive massage therapy is an emerging treatment option for soft tissue pain and muscle tightness. In addition to loosening up tight muscles like other massage techniques, percussive massage also stimulates deeper pressure sensing nerves that respond to higher frequency vibrations.

We offer a 1-year warranty. If the product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace the product, or necessary components, free of charge.

Free delivery in the US! Please allow 2 - 4 business days for orders to arrive in the mail.

Contact: Daniel Baldoni, M.D.



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