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Tighter grip

I've tried several natural remedies for my headaches including other acupressure clips. I like this one because it stays on my hand better.


For my 2 daughters who inherited migraines from 2 generations of women.


Acupressure Clip

Acupressure Clip

  • Compact wearable device to ease symptoms and help prevent headache and migraine episodes
  • Clamp-like design has a tighter grip and prevents slippage
  • High quality 3D printed polymer provides maximum comfort

What causes headaches?

Headaches and migraines occur from blood vessels in your head expanding, which causes pressure and pain. Why do the vessels in your head expand? Two main reasons: to pump out metabolic waste and from stress.

Metabolic Waste

Do you ever notice that after a few consecutive days of hard work, headaches seem to start creeping back? This is because the brain is a powerful engine that creates waste byproducts that need to be pumped out for it to work correctly. This typically occurs during sleep, where cererbrovasuclar fluid flow can increase up to 4 times compared to during the day, but eventually the waste buildup exceeds what can be pumped out. A headache or migraine is a reflex vascular expansion to allow these metabolic waste products, i.e. nitrogen compounds, phosphates, and sulfates, to be pumped out of the brain. 


A healthy amount of stress is a good thing, but when your body is stressed out when it should be resting it can be bad. Stress hormones dilate blood vessels in the brain and tighten muscles around delicate bones in the head, neck, and hand. If blood vessels in the brain are already expanded because they are trying to pump out metabolic waste, stress hormones can expand them further, causing more headache and migraine pain. 

What's the solution?

Most FDA approved treatments for headache and migraine, like ibuprofen and triptan drugs, work by directly constricting dilated cerebral blood vessels, which directly reduces pressure and pain. Botox injections on the other hand are FDA approved for the treatment of migraine and work by relaxing muscles and inhibiting pain nerves in the cervical region. This triggers a feedback loop to the brain that relaxes sympathetic nerves innervating the blood vessels in your brain, which also helps constricts the vessels and prevents migraine episodes.

How does acupressure work?

In a similar way, massaging the the point in between your thumb and index finger can relax muscles that tighten during stress to protect delicate bones in the hand. This region is innervated by the same nerves that innervate the Botox injections sites for migraine relief. The acupressure clip works by relaxing tight muscles in your hand, which signals to your brain to relax sympathetic nerves, which constricts the dilated cerebral blood vessels and relieves pain.

Is acupressure backed by research?

Acupressure can help ease extreme pain as seen in the graph above taken from a Johns Hopkins clinical study assessing acupressure between the thumb and index finger for pain during a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, which is typically a very painful procedure. Patients were less likely to have extreme pain during the procedure when acupressure was applied.

Acupressure has also been demonstrated to improve pain during labor and reduce anxiety for COPD patients on mechanical ventilation.

How long should I wear the clip?

The acupressure clip can help take the edge off of your headache or migraine symptoms and is good to use along with your other treatments. You might notice an effect in as little as a few minutes and it can be worn for extended periods to help prevent episodes from occurring. 


Acupressure therapies have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


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